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Friday, June 3rd, 2011
A hardened and thickened condition of the skin. It may affect the whole body and include the hands. It is sometimes described as a hide-bound condition, and may interfere with the easy movements of parts like the chest. It is generally supposed to be related to the nervous and the glandular systems, and only health-building measures will help to ameliorate the condition.
Sebaceous Cysts
These may form in the glands, which are distended with their own secretions. They are usually often found on the scalp, but they occur in other parts as well. Commonly known as wens, they may become quite unsightly, and, if they cannot be reduced by local measures -heat, etc. -surgical removal should be considered.
Alteration in the quantity and quality of the secretion of the sebaceous glands. This often takes place in connection with dermatitis and other skin infections. It is generally related to nervous and digestive troubles, and may run on for a long time if the sufferer is unable to take a change and put aside the stresses of his daily life. It can be very troublesome when it affects the parts of the skin covered with hair, as, for instance, the scalp, and it may lead to deterioration in the hair growth. A strict regimen, more change and relaxation are the first things to be considered, and its course is usually dependent upon the efforts that can be made in this manner.