The primary and ultimate cause of cancer, however, is lowered vitality and a breakdown of the body’s own defense mechanism against the physical, chemical, emotional and environmental stresses. This condition is brought about by an unnatural mode of living, over-feeding, over-excitement of the nerves through stimulants, or by medicaments for a long time. Many well-known biologists and naturopaths believe that a faulty diet is the root cause of cancer. Investigations indicate that the cancer incidence is in direct proportion to the amount of animal protein, particularly meat, in the diet.
It has been observed in the nutritional field for centuries, that people who live according to natural methods and follow natural laws in eating and living habits, do not get cancer. On the contrary, people who follow methods of modern nutrition on an increasing scale become prone to degenerative diseases, including cancer, in a relatively short time.
In later medical history, the best known cancer-free people were the Hunzas, who live on the slopes of the Himalayan mountains and who use only foods grown organically in their own country. They do not take imported foods. The same is true for the Ethiopians. They also have natural agriculture and simple living habits, which seems to prove that this type of agriculture keeps people free of cancer and most degenerative diseases.
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