For the insomniac, if you want to fall asleep it is important for you to create an artificial THS. Hence you have to create a spotlight and focus this onto the non-threatening and non-anxious parts of your mind. The self-hypnotic technique described here is called progressive relaxation, which is a standard technique used in the induction and deepening of hypnosis. This technique has been used by many hypnotists, such as the late Ainslie Meares of Melbourne and John Hartland of England. In this section, this progressive relaxation exercise is modified for sleep facilitation and for entering the THS. This exercise involves focusing the spotlight on each part of your body in turn. Try to stay with one format of relaxation which will always work for you, rather than change the format every night In other words practice the same program of relaxation every night Perseverence with the same routine has a higher success rate in inducing sleep. At the same time, it is helpful if you have a clear image in your mind of how the model of sleep control in your brain operates. Once the arousal messages from the higher control diminish sufficiently, the sleep centre will take over and trigger sleep.

The THS is the psychological switch that shifts you from the awake state through to the sleeping state. We know ten commandments for self-hypnosis, and they are easy to follow but must be repeated every night.


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