There’s more to your immune system than phagocytes, lymphocytes, complements, interferon and interleukin. Imagine you’re looking at a life-size picture of the human body. Pretend there are tiny lights flashing on and off all over the body. There are red lights representing the neutrophils, green for the macrophages, yellow for the fighting T-cells and blue for the B-cells. Gray lights mark the complement system that drifts through the blood, and orange lights identify the giant sentry macrophages found all over the body.

But there’s more. Add purple lights for the memory cells which remember the features of the antigen, and brown, which represents interferon. Silver lights mark the interleukins, with gold, pink, peach and other colors for immune components such as the prostaglandins, the leukotrines, basophils, eosinophils, histamines, kinins and the other parts of your immune system.

Visualize the whole body covered with lights of every color packed tightly into every corner and crevice, a brilliant display of the immense power your immune system commands. All that healing power is dedicated to health, your health.

This brief discussion only begins to explore the immune system. There is now an information explosion concerning the immune system. It’s like the universe Einstein described: there’s no end to the new information pouring forth. But I hope you’ve learned a little and picked up a bit of the excitement I feel when I think about the miraculous and powerful defense system that nature has created for us. The least we can do is help it to take care of us.


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