Reaching orgasm with a companion of the opposite sex without coitus is, as we have demonstrated in previous volumes, a not uncommon phenomenon in the United States. Nevertheless, it is a relatively unimportant one in terms of frequency and interest, since from an occasional interest in reaching orgasm by fellation, the vast majority of males seek orgasm from coitus rather than from petting.

The median frequency for those who experienced orgasm through premarital petting ranges, between puberty and age twenty-five, only from 3 to 5 orgasms per year. With such a narrow range comparisons are not profitable.

In mean frequency the range is wide enough for comparisons, extending from about 3 a year to once every one and one-half weeks, but the picture is one of confusion. Some groups, such as the homosexual offenders vs. adults and the control group, maintain an essentially uniform frequency between puberty and twenty-five, yet fluctuate widely in rank-order position; other groups reveal increases or decreases or both.

The number of orgasms obtained by premarital petting is small in all groups, never exceeding 4 per cent of the total outlet. While we have not routinely asked the married men bow often they reached orgasm with their wives through, means other than coitus, our impression is that the proportion of total outlet constituted by petting to orgasm may be as great or greater in marriage than before marriage because of the greater frequency of mouth-genital contact.


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