The less pigment the skin contains, the lighter its colour will be; those rare people who have no pigment at all are called albinos. If your skin produces little pigment, you should guard against sunburn. White areas (vitiligo) that appear on the skin are usually due to a loss of pigment in certain areas. If they are conspicuous, the best thing to do about them is to cover them, or to avoid getting tanned, which makes them more conspicuous.

Some people have skin that will freckle on exposure to sun. If you are a freckler and have to spend a good deal of time in the sun, expose your skin as little as possible. A heavy suntan lotion or face powder will help. Some lotions contain a perfume oil that can cause dark brown spots, so to be on the safe side, use one without a perfume.

Do not use a freckle remover. Anything that is strong enough to be effective may cause a severe inflammation unless it is used under a doctor’s supervision. Usually, the best thing to do about freckles is to cover them with face powder or, if necessary, with a cosmetic preparation.


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